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This one goes out to all the parents out there trying to put their child to sleep every night. To all of you dreaming of a cosy, effective and smooth bedtime routine.


Spotify Kids wants to make bedtime the best time for both parents and kids. Because as it turns out, bedtime is far from a smooth process for many. Close to 40 percent of Swedish parents are worried about their child’s sleep. And if you’ve ever made it to fifty rounds of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star” – you know there is truth in those numbers. 

In 2021 Spotify asked us to help find a way to inspire and help parents upgrade their bedtime routine with the Spotify Kids app.

We started out by asking ourselves: what if there’s a given way to put children to sleep that we’ve been missing all these years? What if we could pair proven sleeping methods with lovely lullaby tunes and create a sound formula that both children and parents would enjoy?

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With a childlike determination we dove into the world of sleep, music and science. The result? Lullabies – an album created by Swedish artists (and parents) Timbuktu and Mapei and the internationally acclaimed producer Pontus Winnberg (“Toxic” by Britney Spears, Miike Snow etc.) in conversation with sleep expert and psychologist Helena Kubicek Boye.

The songs were all recorded in a humming, instrumental and original version – both in Swedish and English – ensuring all parents can contribute to the song whichever way they feel most at ease.


  • A slow tempo and repetitive elements to create a meditative soundscape.

  • Soft and calming words that children recognize. (No trigger subjects that lead to excitement and curiosity.)

  • A story that slowly leads the listener on a journey gives a calming and sleepy effect.

sleep inducing techniques

LISTEN TO THE the album on spotify:


case study:



The album “Lullabies” was released on Spotify and Spotify Kids in May 2021 with a broad media outreach and social ads. The album was an instant hit in nurseries, morning shows, podcasts and newspapers all over Sweden.


  • So far Lullabies has gained an earned (non-paid) reach of over 16 million
    (Sweden’s population 10 million).

  • Coverage in 80+ articles 

  • 15 minutes airtime in Sweden’s largest TV morning show

  • 30 minutes interview in one of Sweden’s largest radio shows

  • 67% more impressions than expected in social and OLV

  • Site visits increased by 56%

  • CTR doubled (compared to previous Spotify Kids campaigns)

In interviews and social posts both Timbuktu, Mapei, Pontus and Helena were all able to inspire and engage sleep-deprived parents that there is a way to make bedtime a dream – with Lullabies and Spotify Kids.

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